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“A rapid and friendly service. They listened and took note of my requirements and tailored the product precisely to my needs. They are a world away from large impersonal corporates.” Anita Shann, Norwich
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Do you need a new computer?

Computers come in a large variety of sizes, specifications and prices and it is important to distinguish what is right for you.  Rather than giving an “off the shelf” price we establish your requirements and quote for a computer that meets your needs and budget. As well as an excellent computer for a reasonable price you can rely on good after-sales support.  We also offer a computer maintenance and upgrade service for computers, laptops and tablets.

Unlike most PC suppliers, who only sell computers “out of the box” handicapped with lots of useless and intrusive trial software, we are happy to factor the removal of this, and the transfer of data from your current computer, into the price quoted.

Cheaper alternatives to new computers include:

HP Renew computers

We also sell HP Renew factory remanufactured PCs, which undergo a comprehensive HP remanufacturing process to ensure they are fully restored to HP certified standards.


Refurbished computers

We provide high quality refurbished second user tower and laptop PCs at very reasonable prices. These are fully checked for reliability and have a licensed version of Microsoft Windows installed along with all the essential applications. All second user PCs come with a 3 month warranty.