Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 allows your employees to work together in new and creative ways, maximising the efficiency of your business

Microsoft 365 enables you to work more efficiently, cost effectively and with greater security.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 is not only a cost effective way to run your business but it comes with a host of benefits.  Our wealth of experience will enable your business to maximise your Microsoft 365 investment, whether you are considering moving to Microsoft 365 or want to improve your current set-up.

Data Security

A key reason that businesses switch to Microsoft 365 is because it virtually eliminates the possibility of data loss through system crashes. Irretrievable data loss can be catastrophic to a business but with Microsoft 365 you can rest assured knowing that your company’s valuable data is always at maximum protection. If you do lose any data through human error you can easily restore a document to a previous version saving you time and stress.

Lower predictable  costs

Microsoft 365 offers significant reductions in upfront expenditure and on-going maintenance costs. The monthly pricing model allows you to scale up and down easily so you only pay for what you need. It can reduce your IT costs considerably and in some cases up to 70%.

Always up to date

All the data is located centrally in the cloud so everyone in your company has access to the latest version of documents and calendar entries. This enhances collaboration and enables the whole business to work together even if they are not in the same building, county or country.

Work from anywhere

Microsoft 365 is entirely cloud based which enables you to work from anywhere using any device that has an internet connection. Whether your employees work remotely, in different locations, or frequently travel they can access email, files and Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) programs. It offers greater flexibility so if you start writing a document in the office you can finish it later on your laptop or phone on the train.

Microsoft 365 benefits every aspect of your business.

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