IT security 

We help businesses manage all areas of their cyber security including staff training

Guard against new security threats

Data breaches can mean big financial loss, reputational damage or even business failure – IT and data security are not just good business sense, but the law.  Whether you’re worried about new viruses and malware, external and internal security threats, unauthorised access to crashed systems or accidental deletion of files, we can help you develop a strategy to protect your business network and data.

Make sure you’re GDPR compliant

As IT professionals it’s our job to be fully aware of the implications of GDPR legislation. We can ensure your IT systems are GDPR compliant and future proof your IT security.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

With organisations becoming ever more reliant on technology in the workplace, it is essential that your IT systems are protected and that your employees are up-to-date on cyber security issues. 

Our cyber security awareness training is computer-based and delivered monthly in engaging bite-sized modules.  It costs £2 per month per user so is affordable for every size of business.

Book your free IT security audit

We offer a free IT security audit: our consultants will assess your IT systems and make recommendations to ensure your business is well protected

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