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We can help you decide which cloud services will suit you and move part or all of your business IT to the cloud – efficient, reliable and cost effective

Save money and improve your IT systems – move to the cloud

For many businesses cloud computing is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to hosting services on their own server: some of our clients have reduced their IT costs by up to 70%.

You can use the cloud for a huge range of business services, including email, calendars, file storage and applications. Use the cloud for as many or as few as you like.

Microsoft Cloud Partner

We have years of experience of helping businesses move to the cloud. We’re an official Microsoft Cloud Partner and have helped many clients move to Google for Work.

We also partner with Your Office Anywhere to offer hosted desktop solutions that allow small to medium sized businesses to run business applications from anywhere and any device – without the cost and hassle of having to maintain their own IT infrastructure.

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Email, file storage, calendars, applications - it's all on the cloud. Use it as much or as little as you want

Cost effective

Cloud computing saves you the cost of setting up and maintaining your own hardware and software. It’s all online, as and when you need it. You only pay for as much capacity as you need, and you can scale up as you require. It’s possible to save up to 70%.

Access from anywhere

You can access your applications and files from anywhere with an internet connection, from any device – your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


All your data is stored in the cloud, so any changes made to your files and data are automatically synchronised, ensuring every team member has access to the latest version. Your team can collaborate over the cloud, whether in the same building, county or country.


Cloud services are hosted on multiple servers, so if there’s a problem with one the others in the network instantly take its place: your data is just as secure and accessible. Clouds use multiple data centres, so if one goes down you’ll never notice any difference in the quality of your service.


Cloud servers are up to 80% more energy-efficient than inhouse servers.


Cloud systems can rapidly respond to changing business demands while maintaining performance - without the costs associated with traditional IT system upgrades

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