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“We’ve worked with Adept IT Solutions from the start and they are real stars.  Their advice has saved us a lot of time, effort and money.”
Gordon Maw, Maw Communications Ltd, Norwich
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Cloud Solutions for Business

For many business users cloud computing is now a cost-effective, powerful and convenient alternative to investing in an onsite server. This can be used selectively, for example, email hosting and calendar sharing, or for every aspect including file storage and application hosting.

We can help you decide which cloud computing services will suit you, and move part or all of your business IT to the cloud.

We are official partners with a number of reputable cloud computing suppliers including Microsoft (Office 365), Trend and Box and have extensive experience of successfully implementing these systems. We have also deployed Google Apps for a number of business clients.  We also are partners with Your Office Anywhere who specialise in Hosted Desktop solutions for small and medium businesses, which provides our clients with the flexibility to run all their business applications from anywhere, on any device and freeing them from the cost and hassle of on-premise IT infrastructure.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cost effective

Cloud computing offers significant reductions in upfront expenditure and on-going maintenance costs, due to the absence of onsite hardware and software . You only pay for as much capacity as you need and you can scale up as you require. It can reduce your IT costs considerably, in some cases up to 70%.

Access from anywhere

Accessing your software and files can be done anywhere where anywhere there is an internet connection, from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


All the data is located centrally in the cloud, so any changes made to documents or diaries are synchronised, allowing changes to be viewed by other colleagues. This enables the whole business to work together, even if they are not in the same building, county or country.


Cloud hosting utilises multiple servers, so that if problems occur there are others to take the load. Where clouds draw from multiple data centres an entire data centre could conceivably be offline, without the customer noticing any change to their service. This means that files will not be lost, and during that time files will still be accessible.


In house servers consume up to 80% more power than Cloud servers.