Does a small business need Managed IT Services?

Effective use of technology can have an easily noticeable and large impact on a business, however it is sometimes difficult to quantify the negative impact of poor IT systems and infrastructure. 

Utilising IT resources well can save time and money as well as enhance the productivity of your business. Managed IT Services utilise cloud software that will monitor and manage your IT, allowing you to get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that your systems are running efficiently and securely.

The average small business spends 8% of its revenue on technology, but 80% of the cost comes after the initial purchase.  Acquiring technology is not the expensive part, it is keeping it performing well so you can work effectively and securely. Many business owners want to know how much Managed IT Services can benefit their business, however the answer to this question depends on how much they depend on smooth running IT to be productive.

Many small businesses don’t have the time or interest to focus on their IT systems and end up taking a reactive approach, which can be a root cause of operational issues. Many businesses don’t realise what they are missing out on, and with some expert advice can spend a little more to solve a real and ongoing problem or to unlock extremely useful additional capabilities. It is important to understand the best IT strategy for your business, so that you spend your budget on the areas that give you the greatest rewards. 

To understand the real value of technology you sometimes need to dig deeper to understand the pain points. For instance, an unreliable or basic email system can have a direct impact on service levels or response times to new business enquiries. If computers are an integral part of how your company operates you need to ensure they are regularly serviced so they don’t become slow and glitchy and hamper productivity. If data security is important to your business then you need an IT security solution that provides you with the right level of protection.

It is not always obvious which IT issues are causing the problems.  An IT expert can find out what the IT issues are and establish which are critical, which pose a risk, and which offer the greatest opportunity.  It takes a wide variety of skills and experience to evaluate IT problems within a company and many small businesses are simply not equipped to do this themselves or will not react until the symptoms have become painful.  A proactive mindset will reduce stress levels, allow issues to be resolved quickly and cost effectively, and will enable you to work better.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Optimized IT systems – even when systems are not actually down, they can still run slowly or inefficiently. Managed IT services will maximize the performance of your IT systems and the value of your IT investment.
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance – issues are dealt with 24/7 ensuring your IT systems are operating properly and reliably.
  • Quick resolution – with remote monitoring in place problems can be dealt with quickly, often before you even realise, so that there is minimum downtime and maximum efficiency from your systems.
  • Financial planning – you know your monthly expenditure so you can manage your budget more easily whilst boosting productivity.

Enlisting Managed IT Services can reduce costs and provide peace of mind that your systems will work when you need them. If you would like further information about the Managed IT Services we provide, starting from £10 per month, please get in contact today 01603 451810 |