Tips on how to get the most out of Microsoft 365

A good IT support company will help you maximise the use of your IT to allow you to achieve your business goals in the most efficient way possible.  Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that when set up properly can transform the way your business operates.  Often organisations pay for multiple IT services and do not realise that Microsoft 365 can provide many of their business needs.

Microsoft 365 incorporates all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams and enables you to access files securely from any location.  This flexibility enables you to collaborate easily with colleagues whether you are working in the office, on the train, at home, or overseas.  As it is a monthly rolling subscription service you have the added benefit that when your organisation grows or consolidates you only pay for what your business needs.

Here are some of the many features that can benefit your business.

Work from anywhere

The pandemic has bought many challenges to businesses and having a flexible workforce who can work remotely has been fundamental to their ongoing success.  Microsoft 365 can be installed on PCs, MACs, tablets and smart phones, which makes it easy to work in the office, at home, or on the go.  As Microsoft 365 data is held centrally on the cloud everyone can access the latest version of documents, emails and calendar entries, allowing people to work together as if they were sharing an office.


Microsoft 365 encourages collaboration, even if your employees are working across different locations. Microsoft Teams has instant messaging and desktop sharing so colleagues can easily work together by sharing ideas and information. There is also multi-party video conferencing (similar to Zoom) that allows virtual meetings across different time zones and offices. Teams also gives employees another choice of how they communicate, improving productivity and facilitating flexible working. There is also the social network Yammer that encourages employees to communicate, share ideas and work together.

Corporate class email system

Exchange Online is a professional enterprise level email system that includes an email address that matches your web address.  It also provides a secure email system that is fully backed up to the Cloud, so you never have to worry about losing an important client email or a customer order. You can access all your emails, contacts and calendars from any device allowing you to arrange meetings and deal with urgent requests efficiently, even if you are away from the office.  You can share calendars and email boxes with colleagues, enabling more collaboration and flexibility when colleagues are out of the office or on holiday. This could be a sales@ mailbox with important new business enquiries or a PA wanting to organise a directors diary.  Exchange Online also has the advantage of having advanced spam/phishing/malicious email filtering, so unwanted and malicious emails are sent to junk mail.

Security and data back-up

Microsoft spend millions of dollars on security, which means that Microsoft 365 offers the high level of data protection that was once the privilege of large corporations.  The data is stored in the cloud on Microsoft servers that are more secure and reliable than a local file server or NAS drive, with the advantage of no maintenance or backup costs.  If anyone in your company accidentally loses sensitive data it can be restored easily from a recent previous version, so that business can continue with minimum disruption. It is also possible to work from mobiles, tablets and laptops on the move, safe in the knowledge that it’s all securely backed up.  With the proliferation of cyber-attacks looking after company data has never been more important, Microsoft 365 is also GDPR compliant and will help your company meet it’s compliance duties.  

Lower predictable costs

Microsoft 365 offers significant reductions in upfront expenditure and on-going maintenance and upgrade costs associated with on-premise file servers.  Its monthly pricing model allows you to scale up or down the services and data storage required, so you only pay for what you are using.

Set monthly costs start at:

  • Exchange Online £3.00 + vat per month
  • Business Standard £9.40 + vat per month


Microsoft 365 Planner is an effective and easy-to-use tool that helps you to organise small projects without complex planning, and offers some of the following benefits:

  • Easy creation of new project plans
  • Organises and assigns tasks
  • Simple file sharing
  • Chat and collaborate with colleagues about what you’re working on
  • Receive progress updates

Planner helps you streamline your work processes and can be used to manage a marketing event, brainstorm new product ideas, track a project, prepare for a client visit, or just organise your team more effectively.

Microsoft Power Automate 

When simple manual tasks are done repeatedly it can waste an enormous amount of time and resources. Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based service that helps you streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes so you can work more efficiently. Mapping and automating business processes was traditionally only possible through programming but Microsoft Power Automate allows you to create automated processes between apps and services such as synchronise files, get notifications and collect data. You can create a flow and perform administrative tasks in a browser or, if you download the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app, on your phone.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video sharing platform where people in your company can upload, view, and share videos securely. You can share recordings of meetings, presentations and training sessions enabling you to train your staff, deliver important company information and work effectively together.

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