How to create an IT Strategy

Technology is increasingly relied upon to run a business, so it is important to ensure that it is reliable, effective and meeting your business needs.  A good IT strategy will help ensure you have the right IT in place to achieve your business goals.

Key questions when creating an IT Strategy

  • Does your IT meet the current needs of your business?
  • Is your IT being properly managed and monitored?
  • Is it working effectively and reliably?
  • Are your IT security needs being met and is it compliant with current regulations?
  • Is your IT flexible and can it scale to meet future changes?
  • If there is a data breach what solutions are in place to minimise problems?
  • How can you use technology to help the business grow?
  • Are your IT investments providing good ROI?

Elements to include in your IT Strategy

Align your IT with your business objectives

To develop an IT strategy you will need an IT professional who fully understands your business objectives so they can assess whether your current IT systems meet the needs of your business before making recommendations.  IT projects can be expensive and have a big impact, so it is important to get expert advice to ensure you invest in IT solutions that will work effectively for your business.

Leverage technology

When a company invests in the latest technology it can transform the way they work and enhance communication with staff, clients and suppliers.  However investment in the wrong technologies can be expensive and time consuming, always research your options and seek professional advice.  Finding out what IT solutions other companies within your industry sector find useful can be a good starting point.

Security and compliance

Cyber-attacks are becoming more advanced and sophisticated and present a major threat to your business. Robust IT security is important for every business and your IT strategy should outline how to safeguard against online attacks as well as a data breaches, and ensure compliance to current regulations.

Secure BackUp

Embedded in your IT Strategy must be a back up solution. If you are affected by a security disaster, such as a data breach or failed hard drive, a good recent back up is the fastest way to recover and minimise the disruption to your business. It is important that your back up is secure and GDPR compliant such as Office 365. 

IT supports the fundamental operations within a business and can help your business gain a competitive edge by operating more effectively.  When IT fails it can be disastrous and have devastating implications, which is why it is vital that every business has a clear strategic plan to mitigate disaster as well as ensure success.

Our IT consultants have the expertise and experience to assess your IT systems and create a plan aligned to your business objectives.  For more information contact us on 01603 451810