Benefits of Proactive Monitoring

IT plays a vital role in the way you work, communicate and service your clients. If your business as ever suffered any system problems or downtime you’ll know the serious impact it can have on your business, and you’ll appreciate how important it is that your IT support team is prepared for any eventuality.  Many modern businesses are now embracing proactive monitoring, which flags up IT problems at an early stage so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Although many businesses are fully aware that to get the most out of their IT system they need monitoring and maintaining, they are often reluctant to spend money on a system that appears to be working fine. However a proactive rather than a reactive approach to your business IT can often save you money on annual IT costs as well as minimise loss of productivity through malfunctioning computer systems.

Proactive monitoring & maintenance services are now an affordable and cost-effective solution to help small and medium sized businesses manage the health of their Business IT.

Why choose proactive IT monitoring?

Greater reliability

Early detection of problems allows action to be taken quickly before the failure of hardware or software, or the issue has a chance to affect your entire network. The discovery and early resolution of problems prevents costly downtime, increases efficiency and saves you money.  

Increased productivity

Most IT problems will show warning signs before they become critical.  Monitoring your systems allows minor issues to be flagged up and resolved before they become bigger problems that take longer to fix.  Proactively managing your systems also enables them run to optimal performance helping people work more productively.

Better IT decisions

Proactive monitoring provides up to date information on the overall health of your IT systems so you can make well-informed decisions on where to invest your IT budget, ensuring the greatest return on your investment.

Lower predictable costs

It is a monthly subscription service that can be scaled up or down to fit in with your current business needs. Prices start at £10 per month.

What does it monitor?

Your system will be monitored 24/7 with checks on hardware and software performance.  Regular reports will keep track of the performance and health of your IT system as well as advising you about maintenance carried out.

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring

  • 24/7 preventative maintenance

  • Antivirus and antimalware protection and monitoring

  • Managed software updates

  • Hard drive monitoring

  • Server monitoring

Peace of Mind

Whether you are a business with one or 100 computers, Proactive Monitoring is a cost effective and important tool to manage the health of your IT systems.  It will provide peace of mind that your Business IT is being managed to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency. 

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