Is it time to upgrade your business from Windows 7?

Is Windows 7 fit for your business?

Microsoft warns that Windows 7 is no longer fit for businesses as it can no longer meet the growing needs of modern technology and increasing security standards demanded by businesses. Markus Nitschke, Head of Windows at Microsoft Germany, says that businesses who don’t upgrade over the next three years face increased problems with security, reliability and compatibility which will lead to increased operating costs.


Whilst many would like to see security improvements to Windows 7 it is unlikely to happen. Microsoft are focussed on Windows 10, it provides better security than Windows 7 and by making it the superior option Microsoft hope to encourage more users to upgrade. Many took advantage of the free upgrade when Windows 10 was first launched, it is worth noting that Windows 7 and 8 can still be legally upgraded to Windows 10, despite this free upgrade officially expiring in July 2016.

When does Windows 7 Support end?

Windows 7 is still the most popular Operating System for desktops and laptops with 48% of the market share. However the deadline for Windows 7 support is January 2020, at this point Microsoft will no longer issue security updates and patches and it will be strongly advisable to upgrade.

Each business will need to decide when is the right time to upgrade to Windows 10 by assessing if their security needs are being met and establishing if there are any operating issues. Over time Windows 7 and 8 users will be obliged to upgrade as increasingly they will find compatibility issues with new applications and online services. However many businesses may find their bespoke software is not compatible with Windows 10 and the cost to upgrade is more than just a Windows 10 licence.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

The greatest advantage of Windows 10 is the improved security, functionality and management. However each business will need to plan for an upgrade, seek professional advice, look atthe cost implications and not leave it until the last minute. Windows 10 has 24% market share but this is set to grow as people upgrade to escape the security and operating issues with Windows 7, which Microsoft say is based-upon “long-outdated security architectures”.