Free Windows 10 upgrade ends 31 December

The end of December is your last chance to get a free upgrade to Windows 10. You may be happy with a previous version but Windows 10 offers greater security, stability and longevity. Apart from wanting your business IT to run efficiently a Windows 10 licence can cost from £100 to £150, so if your office has more than one computer that needs upgrading there are significant savings to be made.

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10?

  • With increasing cyber attacks Windows 10 offers greater protection and has regular and free updates that boost its security credentials to above previous versions of Windows.
  • Windows 10 is faster and has improved performance so that your computers can run more efficiently. Benefits include waking quicker from sleep mode and laptop batteries will last longer.
  • Windows 10 is more stable and has less compatibility issues with other applications and software so that your business can get on with its business.
  • If you want to access all the new Windows features you will need Windows 10. The latest update Creators Fall has some impressive new features that can significantly enhance the way you work.
  • Microsoft say that W10 is the last version of Windows, so you may never have to upgrade to a new version ever again.
  • Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft from Jan 2020, so anyone still running this version will be vulnerable to security threats along with increasing usability issues.
  • Windows 8 will no longer be supported by Microsoft from 2023
  • If you have a Windows XP or Vista computer you are no longer supported by Microsoft, you will be at risk to security threats and we strongly advise that you upgrade to a supported version of Windows immediately.

What Version of Windows is My Computer Running

To check which version of Windows your computers are running go the Window icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen and type winver in the search bar and hit return.

Can All Computers Run Windows 10?

Your computer will need to be of a suitable spec to run Windows 10 but most computers running Windows 7 or 8 will be suitable.

If you would like some advice about upgrading to Windows 10 please give us a call on Norwich 01603 451810 or send us an email.