Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Since Windows 10 was released in July 2015 there have been several major updates and the latest is the Fall Creators Update (FCU), which was rolled out in October. This is a free update to Windows 10 users and provides a host of improvements including better security for business, enhanced cloud storage, a more intuitive design that advances the user experience and it will make sharing easier.

How will the Fall Creators Update benefit you?

Many of the new features just improve the overall usability of Windows 10 but here are some key benefits.

Better Security

  • The main security advancements are on the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection service. This will detect and respond to attacks and will learn and continue to improve protection across the entire Windows Platform.
  • Windows Defender Anti Virus is a significant step up from standard AV solutions and will utilise cloud power, data science and Microsoft engineering expertise to tackle malware and hacking threats.
  • Many malicious attacks are through a hyperlink and the Windows Defender Application Guard is designed to isolate the threat before it spreads across your computer and further.
  • To fight against malware it is important to control applications, the Windows Defender Device Guard will manage safe applications lists which will include automating the process

One Drive files on demand

This feature will enable you to view all your files stored on One Drive, and you will be able to pick the files you want to work on and download to your device, the local drive can then be kept in sync with One Drive files. Before this update you had to download all the One Drive files and often due to limited hard drive space you would have had to view them on the One Drive platform rather than locally. There will also be Apps that can sync files from One Drive and provide notification of download progress.

Cross device working

It will be possible to work across your computer, tablet and phone at the press of a button. For example a document you started on word on the train to work can then continue to be edited once you reach the office and are sitting at your pc.

My People

This makes the static W10 task bar more personal. You can tailor it by adding key contact details, you can even Skype or call from it. One useful feature is being able to drag and drop things like pictures to a contact to make sharing even easier.

Microsoft Surface

Improvements on Surface include the new touch keyboard with predictive text. There is a one-handed touch keyboard and shape writing so you can swipe over keys like a windows phone. There is also a dictation key so you can speak to type, and you can also navigate W10 with your voice.

Mixed Reality (VR) headsets

This is the virtual reality feature but you will need a separate headset. To set it up you will need to launch the Mixed Reality Portal app, which should be fine if you have a modern PC. However if you want to use it on more complex games and experiences you may need a more powerful PC.

Microsoft Fluent Design

This is meant to be a successor to Metro Design and is a new design language that improves the design and animations across apps and services on all devices. It will also be easier to resize apps and windows.

Better Browsing

There are a lot of improvements to Microsoft’s Edge browser. You will be able to pin your favourite websites to the task bar and display website to their full extent (F11). With e-books and PDF’s there will be better options to annotate as well as navigate. Edge will also be able read web pages and e-books out loud.


If you use an Android phone you can text from your PC and it will display call notifications. Cortana can also, lock, shutdown or restart your computer with voice commands.

Installing Fall Creators Update

If your computer can run Windows 10 then it should be fine to run the new update, although utilising some of the new creative features like virtual reality will require a moderately powerful graphics card. To install the latest update you need to either download Windows 10 Update Assistant or if you have a pop-up in your bottom right hand corner of your screen you can download from there. This Windows Update is large and will take some time so it’s best to carry it out when you know you won’t be needing your computer, perhaps overnight.

Free Upgrade to Windows 10

We recommend that all our clients with suitable systems upgrade to Windows 10 before 31 December, when it will no longer be free. We are happy to provide further advice for any business who requires some technical support on this matter.