Why are Windows updates important?

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Why are Windows updates important?

  • Windows updates help keep your computer running smoothly and safely
  • Security or critical updates help safeguard your computer from malware and unauthorised users from accessing your computer
  • Other updates help enhance the functionality of your computer

Updates install automatically

In Windows 10 computer updating is required and you can set your computer to carry these out automatically. If you want to manually check if your computer has downloaded all updates, use Windows Update (see the three steps below). If any updates are found it will download and install them automatically, you cannot pick and choose which updates you want to download but these are generally related to security and safeguard your computer from intrusion. All security updates and Windows Defender updates and driver updates will be installed automatically.

If you want to control updates for Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs you need to select Advanced Options in Settings and uncheck “Give Me Updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”.

Windows Update

Windows Update will automatically check for new updates every day. The security related updates are important as they ensure recently discovered security holes are remedied, which ensures your computer is safe from unwanted intrusion. Feature updates that improve the functionality of your computer are not essential but enable new features in Microsoft Windows, which can enhance the way you work.

Professional Editions of Windows 10

Businesses with the professional edition of Windows 10 can defer upgrades. Whilst you will still receive the security updates automatically it will delay downloading feature updates for several months until they have been tested on home PCs. This feature is designed to ensure your Business IT system are more stable and allow the new features to be properly tested.

Installation of Windows updates

Many updates take place when you are shutting down or starting up your computer, whilst this may slow down the process it is best to wait for it to complete as restarting your computer may cause problems. Occasionally Windows Updates can get stuck or frozen and in this case you can restart your computer and then logon so the update can continue. If you are continuing to have problems you may want to take further steps or seek professional help.